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Jul 22

Jul 22

Poncho Zuleta lanza su nuevo vídeo


It’s time to enjoy the video clip here Brinca   a love story that took place in various locations between Bogota and Valledupar, it was directed by Alberto Gonzalez “Albertini”. This song is composed by Aurelio “Yeyo” Nuñez and is part of one of the most anticipated productions of the last 4 years in the vallenato genre “Parao on the line.” Poncho Zuleta and the accordion mate Gonzalo “El Cocha Molina” have a video full of romance and lots Colombian folklore in which participated a great coach and team.


Also known as “The Golden Lung” Poncho Zuleta is one of the largest verseadores vallenato singer, songwriter, ATM and Guacharaquero coming from one of the most influential families in the development of Colombian vallenato son as Juggler Emiliano Zuleta Baquero vallenato, better known as Emilianito, composer great successes of Colombian folklore as La Gota Fria, La Pimientica, Old Rooster, El Pinal; Carmen Diaz Villanueva, among many others.


Evidence of support from fans of good vallenato are over ten thousand physical copies have been sold of this excellent production expected by fans of the genre that made him worthy of the gold disc by its record company, making this a new recognition for one of the most beloved artists of the Colombian public.

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